Shipping costs from 7€ - Free shipping on orders over 150€ in the Portuguese Mainland

Free Shipping on orders over 150€


Free Shipping on orders over 150€

We are excited to announce a major change that will transform your experience of purchasing non-personalized clothing from Maudlin Merchandise! In our commitment to providing more convenience and savings to our customers, we have reduced the threshold for free shipping from €246 to just €150. This is a significant step towards making our quality clothing even more accessible to everyone.


Why Did We Reduce the Free Shipping Threshold?

We understand that shipping costs can be a decisive factor when finalizing an online purchase. We want more people to enjoy our basic clothing without additional worries about shipping costs. By lowering the free shipping threshold, we are directly responding to customer feedback that values the combination of high quality, affordable prices, and convenience.


Benefits for Our Customers

Significant Savings: Lowering the shipping threshold means you can now take advantage of our competitive prices without the concern of high additional costs. This change facilitates more frequent and larger purchases without compromising your budget.

Greater Accessibility: With the new lower free shipping threshold, brands like TH Clothes, Kariban, and Sol's are now more accessible than ever.

Convenience and Simplicity: We've simplified the shipping cost structure so you can focus on what really matters: choosing your favorite pieces. Lower shipping costs mean fewer complications and a smoother, more enjoyable shopping experience.


What Does This Mean for You?

Buying high-quality basic clothing has never been more advantageous. With our wide range of products – from t-shirts and sweatshirts to caps and accessories – we are confident you will find everything you need to build your essential wardrobe. And now, with free shipping on orders from €150 (including VAT), you can shop with even more peace of mind and satisfaction.

Essential Pieces Within Reach: Regardless of your style or needs, we have a varied selection of basic clothing that fits your everyday life. And now, every purchase brings even more value thanks to the reduced shipping threshold.

Ease of Group Purchases: For businesses, sports teams, or any organization needing to make bulk purchases, the lower free shipping threshold is excellent news. It allows for more efficient cost management, ensuring everyone gets their clothing while reducing the group's overall budget.


A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

This reduction in the shipping threshold reflects our ongoing commitment to improving our customers' shopping experience. We believe that by making our products more accessible and the purchasing process more enjoyable, we are building a lasting relationship of trust and satisfaction.

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Explore our online store, discover the essential clothing you need, and benefit from the new reduced shipping threshold. Shop now and experience the perfect combination of quality, affordability, and convenience that only our e-commerce can offer.



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We are experts not only in garment decoration but also in the sale of basic clothing without any printing. We have millions of items for immediate delivery across Europe. We are committed to quality and we focus every day on not compromising it.