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Kariban brands and their target audience


Kariban brands and their target audience

When it comes to finding quality clothing that combines style and functionality, brands associated with Kariban are a reliable choice. With a variety of options catering to different needs and preferences, each brand has its own distinctive target audience. Let's take a closer look at each of these brands and discover who the ideal customers are for them:


  • Proact: Proact is known for its high-quality performance clothing, especially designed for sports and leisure activities. Its target audience includes fitness enthusiasts, amateur and professional athletes, and anyone who values comfort and mobility during sports practice. With a range of clothing options, from technical t-shirts to training pants, Proact caters to a wide range of sports needs.


  • K-UP: K-UP is a brand specialized in caps and beanies, offering a variety of styles and designs for headwear enthusiasts. Its target audience consists of people looking for quality accessories to complement their personal style. From classic baseball caps to warm winter beanies, K-UP has something for every taste and occasion.


  • Kariban: As the company's flagship brand, Kariban is known for its exceptional quality and contemporary style. Its target audience includes people who value high-quality clothing that offers comfort and durability. From basic summer wear to winter coats, Kariban caters to a wide variety of styles and preferences, making it a popular choice for customers of all ages. Don't miss our comprehensive article about Kariban here.


  • Kimood: Kimood specializes in high-quality bags, backpacks, and accessories designed for daily use, travel, and outdoor activities. Its target audience consists of people who value functionality, style, and durability in their accessories. From professionals needing stylish bags for work to travelers looking for sturdy backpacks for adventures, Kimood offers a variety of options to meet different needs.


  • WK. Designed to Work: As the name suggests, WK. Designed to Work is aimed at professionals who need durable and functional workwear. Its target audience includes workers from various sectors such as construction, logistics, and services, who require clothing that withstands the rigors of daily work. With a range of workwear options, from overalls to safety jackets, WK. Designed to Work offers practical and reliable solutions for workers in all types of environments.


In summary, brands associated with Kariban offer a wide range of clothing and accessories options for different target audiences. Whatever your lifestyle or specific needs, there is a Kariban brand that meets your expectations.



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