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Maudlin Merchandise

We sell blank t-shirts for companies and individuals; We have a wide variety of models and colors of items in the catalog that you can choose from when you want to buy cheap t-shirts. We have lower prices and additional discounts for regular customers and, as we do not have minimum purchase quantities, we are always your best option regardless of the number of blank t-shirts you are looking for.

Through our volume sales discounts, you know that you will always find the best prices with us whether you need 1 or 1000 garments, also guaranteeing the best service and delivery time.

We are continually adding items to our store and we have tens of thousands of clothes in permanent stock inside and outside Portugal to guarantee deliveries within 24 or 48 hours throughout the country (mainland Portugal). We are representatives of TH Clothes, a Portuguese clothing brand that combines quality with excellent prices; We also represent other international brands of promotional textiles, such as Kariban, Impacto and Atlantis, in a group of more than 20 brands. Native Spirit is one of our most recent bets, being a 100% ecological clothing brand. Do you like any of the pieces you found on this page and would you like to see them decorated with your images? See our textile printing prices.

Maudlin Merchandise

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Anyone looking to customize jerseys now has a tremendous selection to do so, with cuts, colors and models never seen before.

Organic cotton continues to gain prominence with dozens of new garments, including new affordable t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies and an ever-increasing selection of new products, with an average price that is increasing and finally competitive in relation to to regular cotton. Sustainability has become one of the pillars of our company and the decorated market in recent years, and personalization techniques such as direct to garment and organic clothing play a very important role in this growth.

Several brands have now released revolutionary collections with sweatshirts made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, with all of their products being certified vegan. Native Spirit is a new brand that works exclusively with ecological clothing, including several articles in recycled cotton.

We now have more than 1200 items available for sale to the public, a unique selection in the national market.

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We are experts not only in garment decoration but also in the sale of basic clothing without any printing. We have millions of items for immediate delivery across Europe. We are committed to quality and we focus every day on not compromising it.