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A complete guide to choose the best Hoodie


A complete guide to choose the best Hoodie

Hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts, are fundamental pieces in any wardrobe, offering comfort and style. However, with an seemingly endless variety in the market, choosing the perfect hoodie can be challenging. Here are some essential guidelines to help find the ideal piece.


  1. Material and Composition: The Foundation of Comfort

    • More Cotton: Hoodies with a high percentage of cotton tend to be better pieces of clothing. A hoodie with a minimum of 80% cotton should be the standard for regular use, with infrequent washes. This surface with a high percentage of cotton is also a powerful ally when customizing clothing, allowing for higher quality and with a lower likelihood of sublimation (Dye Migration).
    • Blends: Hoodies that combine cotton with polyester or other materials can offer additional durability and shape retention. These items are especially good for workwear, which needs to be washed frequently. Typically, these items are 50% cotton and 50% polyester, although there are some models with up to 25% cotton and 75% polyester. Typically, these hoodies are the most economical on the market, providing a great solution for brands looking to reduce costs, even if it means reducing the quality of the item.


  1. Grammage: Weight and Quality

    • Medium (280g): Suitable for milder climates and casual wear. Offers comfort without compromising style. The 280-gram hoodie is the market standard, but grammage is not directly — or not the only way — linked to quality. A 300-gram hoodie with 50% cotton is, tendentially, worse than a 280-gram hoodie with 80% cotton.
    • Medium to Heavy (300g to 350g): Ideal for colder seasons. Provides thermal insulation and a more substantial feel. This style of hoodie is typically a high-quality item. It's not common for brands to produce hoodies with 300+ grams that are not their best-selling ones. Always considering the percentage of cotton, but you can confidently buy a hoodie of 300/350 grams.


  1. Hood Style: More Than Just Aesthetics

    • Single Hood: Classic and versatile, suitable for everyday use. This "single" hood, with fleece on the inside, is usually seen in budget hoodie ranges. It's a hood that is more for appearance than practical use since it is thin and deforms very easily, providing little comfort or insulation from the cold.
    • Double Hood: Offers a more modern look and can provide extra insulation. This hood has a double layer, with no fleece visible. It considerably increases the comfort and warmth provided by the hood.


  1. Construction Details: The Devil Is in the Details

    • Small details make a big difference. Whether through metal eyelets or including an extra pocket for the phone, there are several details that are important when looking for a GOOD hoodie.


    • Personally, what I look for focuses on:
      • Thick drawstring with quality eyelets.
      • Double-layered hood with double stitching in the center to prevent displacements.
      • Side seams to maintain shape.
      • Thick hems and cuffs to increase durability.


  1. Fit: Size and Style

    • Regular: Comfortable and versatile, suitable for most situations. This is the majority of hoodies on the market.
    • Oversized: A contemporary trend, offers a relaxed and laid-back look. This style of hoodie is currently very fashionable for its relaxed appearance. It is longer and wider, allowing for greater comfort.


Conclusion: Deciphering the Code of the Perfect Hoodie Choosing the best hoodie involves understanding your specific needs. From material to grammage, fit, and style, each element contributes to a unique user experience. By considering these guidelines, you can be confident that your next hoodie will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Whether for a laid-back look or to face the cold, the right hoodie is more than a piece of clothing — it's a statement of style and comfort.



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